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Roxy is a medium-high drive girl with an excellent off switch. She is super athletic and quite lively when outdoors, but laid back indoors. Her favorite activities are eating, playing ball and catching a frisbee. She loves EVERYONE and will gladly give you a kiss if you let her. Roxy has been spayed and lives with a special family with 2 boys where she is treated like the princess that she is.

Roxy's Titles and Accomplishments:

*UKC Conformation Champion

*UKC UR01 (Level 1 Rally Obedience)

*UKC Rally Obedience High In Trial-Fastest time with a score of 100

*UKC Total Dog Award Recipient

*AKC RN (Rally Obedience- Novice)

*Has AKC FastCAT points, but haven't made it to more trials to finish

UKC Rally Obedience UR01


AKC Rally Novice Title



Celebration Miami Clip

Horse Manure Hair Decoration

Trying To Steal The Dokken

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