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Gus is a happy, medium-high drive poodle with an "off switch." He loves nothing more than retrieving in water or on land. He taught himself to catch a tennis ball at 9 months of age and has since graduated to catching a frisbee, which he rarely misses. Gus and I are dabbling in agility and hope to compete one of these days if I can gain enough confidence. We participate in barn hunt, FastCat (100 yard dash for dogs), coursing, rally obedience, dock diving and look forward to attending nosework trials and possibly hunt tests in the future (we have attended nosework seminars and participated in a match, in which he did well.) 

Gus is 21.5" tall and  ~40#.

Gus  has the following titles/certificates:

*UKC CH (conformation champion)

*AKC RI (rally obedience intermediate)


*CA (Coursing Ability)

*RATM (Barn Hunt Association Masters Title) & ~ half way to earning a RATCH (Champion Title)

*DN (North American Diving Dogs Dock Novice Title)

*CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

*FDC (Farm Dog Certified)

*TKA (Trick Dog Advanced)

*UKC SPOT-ON (Socialized Pet Obedience Test- Outstanding Neighbor)

*AKC Achiever Dog 

*Versatilty In Poodles VCX certificate (Versatility Certicate Excellent.)

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Barn Hunt

In celebration of earning his 1st two legs towards his Master's title

Earning BCAT Title-Finished 2018 with 7th fastest average for all poodles in AKC

Rally Obedience Novice Title

Earning CA Title

1st FastCAT Trial

Show Photos

Rally Obedience Intermediate Title

Rally Novice Title Professional Photo

Nosework Seminar


Practicing Agility Jumps


Wet Poodle!!!

Just For Fun

Stacked Photos

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