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Poodle Std MC #320 BOB Judge Jennifer Landers_MMJ_5209_BeltonTxClassic2021-HR3.JPG

Reign is our newest show prospect out of Crystal Creek Standard Poodles' girl, Ember, and sired by our boy, Gus. She is a spunky, confident girl that loves snuggles. She earned her AKC Novice Trick Dog title at 11 weeks of age and AKC Rally Novice title at  just under 7 months of age. She now only needs one more leg to have an Intermediate title.


  Reign finished her UKC conformation champion and Grand champion titles attending only 4 show weekends. During a brief break in conformation showing, she earned her Dock Junior title through NADD (North American Diving Dogs.)

Reign earned RATI and RATN titles AND 2 Qs towards an Open title in one show weekend of barn hunt. We can't wait to have the chance to play again and hopefully get that last Q for Open and start working on Senior.

We plan to see if she likes Fast Cat/lure coursing soon, and have started introducing her to birch oil scent in hopes that she may also enjoy nosework. Reign is also currently going through hold conditioning/gun dog training. If she continues to progress well, we may attempt to participate in hunt tests. She already has a love for retrieving on land and water.

Reign also is enjoying learning to catch a disk, dabbling in agility training and is currently in love with bikejoring. 

Reign is 23ish inches tall and 41#. I expect her to gain a little more weight as she continues to fill out with a little more age.


 Reign is a Betterbred puppy with nice genetic diveristy.

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