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Steve & Kim

We live on a small farm located in northeast Louisiana, where we have horses and raise cattle. Our poodles have a large fenced yard to run in and occasionally get to explore the pastures and our barn when it is safe. They all enjoy rides on the UTV to go check the cattle and rides in the truck to the feed store to pick up grain for the livestock. Steve and I love animals and share a special love for poodles. When breeding our poodles, our primary goal is to produce healthy, physically and temperamentally sound, beautiful poodles. Most of our puppies will mature to be smaller standard poodles, as we prefer living with a poodle that isn't very big or small. We love our little Lucy, but we have always worried about her safety due to her small size. A more sturdy poodle fits our lifestyle better, but large standard poodles aren't ideal for us due to travel. 


Training has always been a hobby of mine. I have always loved training horses, and I now love dabbling with training my poodles. It is rewarding to me and my poodles as they crave mental stimulation and love any time spent with people. We occasionally participate in dog sports to practice the skills we have been working on. This also shows me how my poodles act in settings away from home. It gives good insight about their temperament. When we have a litter of puppies, I really enjoy age appropriate training with them. I get the joy of watching them learn, and their new owners reap the benefits of having a puppy that has a head start.

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