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Puppy Rearing

Our puppies are raised in our home using Puppy Culture protocols. Early Neurological Stimulation is done when they are 3 to 16 days old. They are then exposed to new objects, noises, people and experiences at appropriate ages.


Since grooming is a part of every poodle's life, it is started on our puppies at 3-4 weeks of age and continued regularly until they go to their new homes at about 9 weeks of age. We do many things as a part of the Puppy Culture program, but we try to prioritize training that will affect new owners immediately, such as crate training, leash walking, house training and manners. Puppies will have a good introduction to these things prior to going to new homes. The puppies dam has continued contact with them until they go to their new homes to help teach them bite inhibition and other manners. We share photos and/or videos usually daily on our Facebook page so that potential homes can watch them grow with us. This leaves no doubt on how your puppy was raised and allows you to see a bit of their personalities. See the Adoption Process page for details about how are puppies placed.

Dew claws are left intact for joint health. Tails are docked long- just enough for visual balance. Puppies will be microchipped and up to date on deworming and vaccinations for appropriate age. I provide lifetime support to my puppies and their owners. Puppies can come back to me any time in their lives if their owners must rehome them for some reason.

We do not ship our puppies via cargo. I am trying to avoid using flight nannies at this time, because coordinating the schedules of the available flights, new puppy home, the flight nanny and myself can be difficult to do in time before the puppies are too big to fly in the cabin. Puppies can be picked up at our home, and sometimes arrangements can be made to meet part way, if driving long distances. I sometimes can meet potential new owners at the airport with their puppy as well.

ENS-Tactile Stimulation
Early Grooming
Barrier Challenge
Manding- Sitting for attention instead of jumping up
Teaching "Down"
Crate Training
Learning to walk beside me-1st step toward leash training
Leash Training
Enriched Environment
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